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How MotorScrubber is Helping Hospitals Keep Stairs Clean

After a successful trial of MotorScrubber JET and the new fantastic stair brush, we asked Parry Operations manager with ISS at Homerton Hospital London England for his personal comments about the trial and how the JET has performed within his hospital.

  1. Has the MotorScrubber Helped your Staff or yourself ? "I am very happy with the Job it does, its very easy to use, it produces quality results, versatility of being able to use anywhere. I think the Product is brilliant."

  2. Has the MotorScrubber improved cleaning results ? "Yes it has dramatically, on stairs, toilets, to dispose of moping everyday and now being able to scrub in the small areas."

  3. Whats your favourite feature on the machine ? "The stair brush! It does a lot of work and increases productivity. We can all see a better clean on the corridor area, washrooms and most of all the stairs."

  4. Would you recommend MotorScrubber? 100%. Value for money, quality and low maintenance.

Thank you Parry for your kind comments.

If you would like to learn more about how MotorScrubber can help improve Hygiene standards within your hospital or to arrange a demo please email us

MotorScrubber, Release The Dirt!

Cleaning with ISS at Homerton Hospital

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