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The Jet is Launching

After months of research and development we are extremely excited to announce the launch of our brand new MotorScrubber model... MotorScrubber Jet. Launching in the UK at the beginning of May; this eagerly anticipated addition to the MotorScrubber range has racked up well over 200 pre-orders since it's first announcement at ISSA INTERCLEAN CHICAGO.


Made in the UK, MotorScrubber Jet is a specialist battery operated cleaning machine designed for sanitising all the detail areas where larger machines cannot reach. Perfect for washrooms, stairs, toilets, walls, around secure fixtures and also performing exceptionally well on restorative stair cleaning. The efficient 350rpm scrubbing speed allows for excellent polishing / crystalisation results.

The goal was to build an indestructible cleaning tool that can be used all day everyday. Sourcing the highest quality components available was key to creating a machine that is reliable, hard wearing and simple to operate.


  • The adjustable jet at the scrubbing head allows the direct application of solution to surface

  • A specially designed flip clip lets the user make super fast adjustments to the telescopic pole, reaching to over 3 metres

  • The solid aluminium handle gives the user full control when cleaning floors and walls also allowing the user to apply pressure to the cleaning head where needed.

  • Waterproof switches allow use in and around swimming pools

  • Solid Stainless steel LEMO electrical connection for Ultra reliability, "military grade"

  • The 1L tank is securely and neatly contained within the backpack. It can be easily removed and replaced for quick refilling

  • Commercial grade high pressure pump delivers cleaning solution through the coiled water pipe, hidden inside the telescopic handle, to be sprayed at the scrubbing head

  • The coiled restraints protect the water pipe and cable where they enter the handle


Our specially formulated range of super concentrate, colour coded chemicals have been designed to perfectly compliment the applications Jet is designed for giving an outstanding clean every time.

Degreaser; Perfect for greasy kitchens, walls and floors. Tile & Grout; Ideal for tiled washroom floors and walls. Hard Surface; For all washable smooth surfaces including glass, mirrors and stainless steel.

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