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A Force to be Reckoned With

MotorSCrubber Force

Scrubber Dryers have been around for over 60 years, while they undoubtedly improved hygiene, saved time and money they all pose the same questions... How do I clean the detail areas, the washrooms, the stairs? While we advanced in cleaning methods of large open areas, you are still forced to use more traditional, less effective and cost negative methods for hard to clean areas. This was the problem we needed to solve.

We took the premier auto scrubber on the market and combined it with the market leading compact scrubber to make the ultimate cleaning machine, MotorScrubber Force.

Hand built with high grade Inox AISI 304 stainless steel chassis, every component has been selected for its exceptional durability and quality in its class. Each steel element is electro-polished resulting in a product which it 10 times more corrosion resistant against water and chemicals than normal steel. Market leading custom made Enersys XFC batteries gives one of the fastest charges of any battery operated scrubber dryer on the market.

Utilising the power, water and suction from the larger scrubbing unit, MotorScrubber is easily clipped off from its resting position. Use to clean around secure fixtures, steps, washrooms and all hard to reach places. Clip back and seamlessly continue cleaning your open spaces.

This symbiotic relationship is a world first in adaptive cleaning, beautifully marrying the very best in cleaning technology. A cost positive investment giving you the ability to clean anywhere with one machine. Cut down waste, save time and money… with FORCE.

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